Monday, 21 July 2014

Well yes your Uncle is using Goblins to mess your shit up!

Sangoma in court for for torching goblins’ house

Dude set his Uncle's house on fire because he was using Goblins to mess him up.     Sounds right to me.    

Many of us have had bad days do to people putting Goblins in our shit.     I feel for the dude.    now he is going to jail for standing up against a Goblin wheeling monster.     No one should have a Goblin punching their stuff.   

Not like you can call Spiderman for help on these things.     Setting a fire might have been his only choice.

I looked more into Goblins......No wonder the dude was not into them.       They can take your ladies too.      His Uncle deserved the fire.

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