Sunday, 20 July 2014

We were in Amish country today and wow I wondered about their lives there.....

There's this.     After seeing the fine young ladies going by in their buggies I had to wonder if the young men with them ever have a real great day.      Or is it all drab black outfits and working hard to keep Dad happy?      I bet from what we know from Amish Mafia they have some fun.
Yes this.     OMG she is cute.    The young lady above left her Amish town and is now an actor and a model.       Good for her.      She is hot.
Yes this.        The young lady above left the life too and went back.     Yes meth smoking is a bitch.
Yes this, if you can break them free from the farm.      Watch the video if you want.

The young lady above is on the wall as to if she should stay in our English world or go back.     I vote stay.

This fine young lady too is not sure if going back is okay.     No they don't want you!

No don't go back!       You got away and now you are where you belong.

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