Monday, 21 July 2014

Hey we will make you a child robot to molest!

Kodomoroid, a robot news presenter that resembles a human child

Japan.......Making robot children for child molesters to play with.      I kid you not.     It will help treat them.      So would a colt and some ammo.      But they want to be nice and help them get better.     So you do it slow by allowing them to hurt robots for awhile.

I would let them play with the T model for awhile and see how that works out for them.    But I am not a bleeding heart lib working in a lab at a college.

This link is so dam funny.      According to what the blogger heard, Mike Jackson was at one time going to have a giant robot look alike made to roam the areas around Vegas and do a big show with lasers.      But thank God he never made a giant robot of himself and released it on us.       That shit could have been real bad.     Giant child molesting robot walking the Earth!     Sounds like a SYFY movie.

Well looking into it.      it almost happened.     But someone in Vegas just didn't go all the way.    Wow we came close to being destroyed and didn't even know it.

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