Friday, 18 July 2014

Taco Bell has morning grillers!

I had (THREE) morning grillers full of eggs, cheese, and sausage!       They are twice the size of Ron's breakfast burritos.      Plus they tasted five times better.       Also (to be tested) I don't believe the Bell's product will give you the running to the crapper kind of thing.     Hate to say it (I do like Ron's) McD's products in the morning most times send you a few hours later to blast the bowl.    It's true and can not be changed.      It just bangs right through most of us.

So far after making a run to the boarder at 7am I don't end out making a run to the bowl.     Should be a commercial.    

None of us want to end up like Ron and his followers.      I kid you not......Keep eating the stuff and see.

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