Friday, 18 July 2014

Defiance is now letting all the hairs hang down.

I love the little pimped up doctor lady.      She looks hot in every outfit she runs on that show.     But last night it was like dropping a bomb to us.      She likes other little ladies of her species.      Not into the pickle, or what ever males of her clan have.

Doesn't make her a bad little lady.     But I kind of was lusting after her.     She is not the only one who fancies the ladies.     This fine lady likes the ladies too.      Human ladies to be sure.

Only man so far that has kind of said he only likes his own and the ladies is this guy.     But he also has his little problems here and there.      I am sure we have not seen them all.

The fine little lady's husband was kissing a male last night in the whore house and again it wasn't one of his species.        He too has his little quirks.

I always like Sam from Star-gate and pictured her nude many a time.    But never with Thor.

Have to admit sometimes some of these frog faced dudes getting it on with a human is kind of cool.

It can go to far.

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